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Rock-Window-Paper, Brno, 2023

installation, wooden window, composition of fixing tools, isomalt, stone, glass, strap, variable dimensions..

"concrete floor - dirt - isomalt - broken glass - stone - window leaf - paper clips - melted metal - isomalt - glass - lath - glue - nail - paint - frame - window - clamp - rope clamp - plastic rope - socket - mains plug - wire - O- hook - screw - screw nut - frame - hinges - plastic clamp - window - glue - lath - nails - glass - isomalt - window leaf - tow rope - buckle - S-hook - resin hyphen - rope clamp - plastic rope - S-hooks - anchors - concrete ceiling - metal rope - fishing line - paper clips - paper - text"

In this project, I explore the spelling concept of the hyphen and use the medium of spatial collage to observe how it connects or separates words, objects or the contexts in which they are found. One of the main questions is: What happens when words, objects or contexts are joined? Is a new entity created, or are they two objects side by side? The second question concerns Theseus' paradox: if we replace the original parts of an object (repair it), does it remain the same object, or is there something else in front of us? My source of inspiration in this paper was Pardis Mahdavi's research in his book "Hyphen", which deals with non-binary thinking and the emergence of hyphenated identities. "I realized that I don't have to fit on one side of the hyphen or the other - I can occupy the space in between." The title refers to an old game, but when the original punctuation marks (commas) are replaced by hyphens, the parts of this string no longer compete with each other, but make the sequence into something whole, with potentially new possibilities, functions and rules.