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When/ If You Look At..., Brno, 2022

installation, composition of fixing tools in epoxy resin, 45 × 60 cm; strap, hooks, paper with text, 23 × 33 cm; wire rope, metal box 32 × 32 cm, led strip.

The project is an exploration of the phenomenon of coincidence. The definition of coincidence is the coincidence of events or situations that have no apparent causal relationship. Or more succinctly, “the holding together of something separate” ( Yoel Regev. Coinsidentology. A short treatise on method, 2015). Coincidence strives for a system (Greek: systema, “standing together”), but never achieves this goal and falls apart again and again. When we try to describe coincidence, we keep looking for the same causal relationships, which eventually leads to the collapse of the phenomenon and its definition ceases to work. The work itself is a gradual encounter - a recognition of coincidence. The multicomponent installation does not demonstrate a specific and known coincidence, but is a method of registering coincidence in general.
-text is the entry point that focuses the viewer’s attention on certain things.
-preserved object in resin - composition of fixation tools that only hold each other: registration of 1/2 of the component of coincidence.
-shade of the object. It fungue like a monster under the bed. It is something indeterminate, unrecognized and unnamed: registration of the 2/2 component of coincidence and recognition of the moment of the collapse of coincidence (in the shadows the outlines of the composition gradually blur and fade)
-empty box: the disappearance/decay of another coincidence due to unused potential to be seen.